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The Sandy Evans Quartet
In rehearsal at the Kowmung 2003 Music Festival.

Sound board cut-off
This image shows the laminated cut-bar, fitted to the Overs 225 no. 4.

Sound board Drying Box
This page contains a description with images of the recently designed and constructed (April 2003) sound board panel drying box, and links to related information

Vacuum press
This page contains an image of our recently designed and constructed (June 2003) vacuum press (which was primarily constructed for gluing ribs to sound board panels - but useful for many other gluing operations)

Geoffrey Tozer and Ron Overs at Fazioli srl, Italy, October 1994
choosing a concert piano for Sydney Town Hall

The Three Gluers
Taken April 2001, just after the installing the sound board of piano no. 003

Peter Huck
Peter is scraping a G2 sound board prior to refinishing

Curtis Wilkinson and Lucy Nickolskaia at the work bench
Curtis is showing Lucy how to align wippens in a grand action.

David Kinney
David is checking the down bearing of a 1992 concert grand rebuild

Neville Whitehead Portrait
Jan 2000 - Neville manufactures his own full length scale, reduced belly double bass called SASE (Semi Acoustic Standup Electric).

Julian and Val Lee portrait
Taken in August 2001, at Moss Vale

A Round Table in Reno
Del Fandrich, Loui Nossaman, Ron Nossaman and Ron Overs, after a lecture day in Reno, July 2001.

Murray Warner & his 280 Merc
Sept. '98 - Murray can be held largely responsible, as mentor, for encouraging Ron Overs' career in pianos

Anzac Bridge - Sydney
Evening, returning home after a day tuning in the city.
A stunning winter sunset compelled Ron Overs to stop pull over and catch the image.

Rebuilt concert grand
An inside view of our 1996 rebuilt Stienway concert grand.

Wal Sullivan rebuilding a Steinway D in 1998
Setting the rear duplex lengths of the Sydney ABC's 1986 Steinway.

Ron Overs (jnr)
At twenty before he starting disassembling pianos

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