Below is an image of Overs Pianos' custom made vacuum gluing press.

The frame of the press table is made from welded RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section), with a top made from 19 mm form-ply. The green fibreglass-reinforced vinyl daiphram is fitted to a removable small-section RHS frame, through which the vacuum is distributed around the perimeter of the table, via the RHS frame. The vacuum pump is a Becker 3ph 2 HP unit. It is capable of drawing 28 cubic ft/min at zero vacuum, with a maximum vacuum of 12 psi (which provides a maximum gluing pressure of approx. 0.75 tons/sq. ft.)

Our loyal workshop security assistant, Harry, is shown in the foreground..

The vacuum press

Published, 23 Nov, 2003
Overs Pianos 2003