Neville Whitehead

Portrait of Neville Whitehead, taken during a Friday night jam at his Concord West bass workshop, Jan 2000. Neville is playing one of his own SASE basses with a C extension. These remarkable instruments have a full length 41" scale with a reduced sized belly which is otherwise conventional, complete with sound post, bass bar and bridge. Four piezo pickups are fitted to the bridge, each in close proximity to a string groove. Signal from the pickups is mixed via a small battery powered mixer from within the bass body. These relatively portable full scaled basses are more resistant to feedback in live situations thanks to the smaller belly area. When listening to the SASE, its hard to believe that your not hearing a full sized conventional double bass. For further information on Neville and/or his SASE basses, visit Neville Whitehead's website. Neville is one of four professional musical instrument manufacturers in Sydney's Concord area; the four being Jeff Mallia - bass guitar, Ron Overs - grand piano, Neville Whitehead - SASE bass, double bass and cello, Harry Vatilliotis - violin and double bass.


First published 4 June 2000
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