Information and images on the new Overs I-rib sound board
For all sound board enthusiats, technicians etc.

Mechanical Properties of wood species which may be suitable for piano construction
For piano technicians

Bridge cap wood selection and conversion
For piano technicians

Fazioli Pianos
In 1994 Overs Pianos imported the first Fazioli to Australia (a F278 concert grand), for supply to the Sydney Town Hall. This web page, of two sections, was written by Ron Overs in 1994. The first section provides a background leading up to the importation of the piano, while in the latter Ron writes about the design and construction of Fazioli pianos.

Guidelines for Effective Institutional Piano Maintenance
An essential guide for appropriate maintenance of a piano inventory, for Music Colleges and Universities. Originally published by the College and University Technician's Committee of the Piano Technicians Guild in 1990. It has been reproduced by Overs Pianos with the permission of the Piano Technicians Guild.

Overs' APTTA 1996 convention lecture
On tuning hammer technique and piano design aspects which affect tuning stability.

Overs' APTTA 1998 convention lecture
An extensive document with images, covering technical aspects of grand piano rebuilding.

The hammer/key ratio
A diagram with accompanying text showing how to measure the hammer/key ratio of a grand piano action.

PTG Reno 2001 convention lecture
A class on the design features of the Overs grand piano action (patent pending).

A prototyping exercise
A series of web pages with images, covering the rebuild of a 5'7" Yamaha grand piano with extensive design modifications.


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