On Thursday March 7, 2002, singer Janet Seidel and brother David on double bass were joined by Don Burrows on flute and clarinet, Kevin Hunt on the OVERS piano no. 003, Chuck Morgan on guitar and Adam Pache on drums. At Sydney's Paradise Studios they recorded most of the tracks for Janet's latest CD, Don't Smoke in Bed, during the one session. The next morning Janet sent the following email to Ron Overs, regarding the Overs no. 003.

Janet Seidel
Janet Seidel (singer/pianist)

What a piano !

. . . We were all so tired but I just wanted to keep on singing with Kevin [Hunt] and do another whole album of vocal-piano conversations.
Best wishes,

Janet Seidel
March 8, 2002

Click here for a mp3 sample of track 8, 'Black Coffee'. - (968 K).

Details on the availability of Janet's impressive CD, Don't Smoke in Bed, will be published on this website very soon.


Just wanted to thank you for the "cook's tour" of your Fabulous piano! I have to say, that your piano is probably one of the best all-around instruments I have ever seen/heard. Marvelous craftsmanship and playability. Even though the exhibit hall was so noisy, I could hear the voice of your piano. Very balanced from end to end.
I really enjoyed your class as well.

Joe Garrett
Oregon, US

Ron & company,

I very much enjoyed meeting you in Reno. Your class on the new action was tremendous. Your piano is superb. Ron, you and your associates put on a first-class presentation. I am sure I am one of many to extend my appreciation.

Best of all, Ron, I appreciate your passion for the trade. Thanks to enthusiasm and initiative such as yours, I think we might finally get out of the 19th century with the piano. You are clearly at the top of the profession and one who will have my attention in the years to come.

Congratulations for a great showing.

Cliff Lesher, RPT
Lewisburg, PA, US

Ron, Mark and Peter!
It was my pleasure to meet all three of you in Reno, and it was an even greater pleasure to audition the Overs 225 Grand. Bravo!

Frank L. Strnad, B.Mus. M.Mus. RPT

Indeed. In a world of sales hype, and tech "improvements" that cannot quite actually be heard, the Overs piano sounded immediately different. My first impression while playing this piano was that it is a dramatic advance in the sound of the piano, presumably as a result of its unique design features. My impression did not change when I played the piano again some days later. I think this one just may be for real.

Kent Swafford, RPT
Kansas, US

1 December 2001
Dear Ron,

Thank you for the opportunity to inspect and enjoy your recent developments in piano design and construction.

There can be no doubt that the instrument makes a remarkable contribution to the ongoing [and never ending!] evolution of the piano. This beautiful and superbly crafted masterpiece embodies all of the very best in traditional piano building plus imaginative and worthwhile additions which enhance both the mechanics and the resultant effect.

What a delight to listen to such a piano. The tone is ever increasing without a hint of it breaking up no matter how forceful the playing. And at the other end of the sound spectrum the pianissimos are warm and, even when played at a whisper, full of colour and life. The tone is consistent throughout from the lowest notes right up to the top of the keyboard - even, constant and persistent - and will satisfy the demands of the greatest pianists in the full spectrum of piano literature.

It would be true to say that your work makes a unique addition to the art of piano building. I was especially impressed with the craftsmanship involved. I certainly hope that I will be given the chance to hear this instrument again and in a concert setting.

Congratulations and best wishes

Denis Condon

Australia has always been rightly proud of its achievements in the arts and sciences. The rare and beautiful combination of excellence in both fields could not be better exemplified than by the splendid design and construction of pianos by Ron Overs, whose patience and thoroughness is creating a first class musical instrument that need not fear comparison.

Dr Leslie Howard, AM

Ron Overs is building pianos of extraordinary refinement. No other musician requires as much faith in an instrument - often unkown at the point of walking onto a stage - as does a pianist. Only at the point in which a pianist realises that an instrument can succeed at delivering anything that is required, and with the greatest of simplicity and ease, may they reach the acme of artistic acheivement. And it is with this sense of confidence that I would recommend any pianist to use an Overs piano if they have the opportunity.

Scott Davie

I will be insisting upon an Overs grand piano for all my future non-orchestral recordings and recitals.
Arguably, the greatest difficulty confronting concert singers is that the hard percussive quality of even the great marques of pianos poses considerable opposition and interference to the refinement, colour and delicate harmonic quality of highly trained and sculpted classical voices.
The Overs piano has a completely re-invented action which facilitates far greater flexibility of touch, including an extensive re-design of the resonators of the instrument. The combination of these two elements allows the piano to 'sing' with the singer. That alone makes it by far the most musical piano available today.
I am suggesting that this piano will add a new dimension to the piano-orchestral repertoire. Moreover, I recommend, particularly in view of its new action, that the Overs piano should become the standard instrument of supply wherever young people are taking instruction in piano.

John Davies, International concert singer


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