The small scale Australian grand piano manufacturer Overs Pianos, builds to uncompromising standards with an annual production of only one to two grand pianos per year.

Please find below a list of pianists, musicians and other music industry people who have become supporters of this piano. These include;

Chris Abrahams jazz pianist - Sydney
Michael Ashby piano technician, New Zealand
Dale Barlow jazz musician - Sydney
Malcolm Batty ABC producer, (retired)
David Bollard Adjunct Professor, University of Tasmania
Mark Bolsius piano technician - ACT
John Borsje piano technician - Victoria
Dr Robert Boughen OBE Brisbane City Organist
Margaret Brandman pianist/educator - Sydney
Richard Brekne piano technician, RPT - Bergen, Norway
Alan Burge piano technician - Queensland
Don Burrows Australian jazz musician
Phil Carrick audio critic, music producer - Ashfield
Jeanelle Carrigan pianist, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Francesco Celata Associate Principal Clarinet - Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Owen Chambers music producer - Summer Hill
William Chen Australian concert pianist
Donna Coleman Dr Senior Lecturer in Keyboard - Victorian College of the Arts
Dennis Condon music lecturer (retired)
Kerry Cooper piano technician - Queensland
Rowena Cowley teacher of singing - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
David Cremer piano technician - Sydney
John Cross piano technician - Western Australia
Amy Cutler soprano - Tasmania
Warwick Dalton piano technician - Victoria
Richard Davenport piano technician, RPT - Los Angeles
Scott Davie concert pianist - Sydney
John Davies singing coach - Sydney
Chris Davis piano technician - Canberra
Paul Dean Principal Clarinet - Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Jan Delpratt Prof. teacher of singing - Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Jane Edwards Australian soprano
Dale Erwin piano technician, RPT - Modesto, California
Ed Foote piano technician, RPT - Nashville, USA
Phillip Ford piano technician, RPT - USA
Kenji Fujimura concert pianist/lecturer - Monash University
Joe Garrett piano technician, RPT - Oregon, USA
Angela Giblin former head of voice dept. - Canberra School of Music
Duncan Gifford concert pianist
Richard Gill conductor/music educator - Sydney
Tony Gould jazz pianist - former Head of the Victorian College of the Arts
Paul Grabowsky jazz pianist/composer - Melbourne
Jeannie Grassi piano technician, RPT - USA
Horace Greeley piano technician, RPT - USA
David Hamilton Australian tenor
Paul Hankinson accompanist - Brisbane
Graeme Harvey piano technician - New Zealand
Bill Hawkey former director - Canberra School of Music
Erin Helyard pianist - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Daniel Herscovitch pianist - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Bob Hohf piano technician, RPT - USA
Dr Leslie Howard AM concert pianist and recording artist
David Howie accompanist - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Kevin Hunt jazz pianist - Sydney
Newton Hunt (the late) piano technician, RPT - USA
Mark Isaacs pianist/composer - Sydney
Peter Jenkin clarinettist - Australian Opera Orchestra
Sharolyn Kimmorley pianist/accompanist
David Kinney piano technician - New South Wales
Mathew Krel conductor - SBS Youth Orchestra
Eduard Kutrowatz concert pianist - Austria
Johannes Kutrowatz concert pianist - Austria
Geoffrey Lancaster concert pianist - Canberra
David Lawson piano technician - Wangaratta
Cliff Lesher piano technician, RPT - USA
Stephen Lette piano technician - Sydney
Dr Richard Letts Executive Director, Music Council of Austalia
Peter Long piano technician - Victoria
David Love piano technician, RPT - USA
Allan Maclean ABC sound engineer, (retired)
Dave McCrae jazz pianist - Sydney
Matt McMahon jazz pianist - Sydney
Jeff Mallia luthier/electric bass manufacturer - Sydney
Allister McAllister harpsichord manufacturer - Melbourne
Barney McCall jazz pianist - New York
Richard Moody piano technician - USA
Mike Nelson jazz pianist - Canberra School of Music
Greg Newell piano technician, RPT - USA
Guy Noble pianist/conductor - Sydney
Mike Nock jazz pianist/composer - Sydney
Ron Nossaman piano technician, RPT - Kansas
Barry Nottingham piano technician - Sydney
André Oorebeek piano technician to the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.
Jon Page piano technician - Cape Cod, USA
David Pereira cellist - Canberra School of Music
Geoffrey Pollard piano technician - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Elizabeth Powell pianist - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Susan Powell pianist - Canberra School of Music
Jan Preston pianist/composer - Sydney
Dale Probst piano technician, RPT - USA
Colleen Rae-Gerrard pianist - Canberra School of Music
Paul Rickard-Ford pianist - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Steve Russellpianist, composer, educator - Bryon Bay
(the late) Jan Rutherford jazz pianist - Sydney
Michael Ryan piano technician - Queensland
Geoffrey Saba concert pianist - London
Neil Sandbach (the late)sound engineer
Janet Seidel singer/pianist - Sydney
Phillip Shovk pianist - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Bill Shull piano technician - Los Angeles
Larry Sitski pianist/composer - Canberra School of Music
Nick Southcott jazz pianist - Wollongong
Allister Spence jazz pianist - Sydney
Robin Stevens piano technician - South Australia
Frank Strnad piano technician, RPT - Los Angeles
Kent Swafford piano technician, RPT - USA
Lloyd Swanton bassist/composer - Sydney
Peter Taplin Former ABC producer - Melbourne
Simon Tedeschi concert pianist - Boston, USA
Richard Toop Head of composition - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Will Truitt piano technician - USA
David Tunley Emeritus Professor, Western Australia
James Voss concert pianist - Sydney
John Ward piano technician - Canberra
Murray Warner piano technician - New Zealand
Peter Watchorn Early keyboard specialist - Boston
Neville Whitehead luthier - Sydney
Gerard Willems concert pianist - Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Quentin Woods piano technician - New South Wales
Timothy Young concert pianist - Victoria

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