The following link is a conversion of track 3, Variations on a Theme of Corelli, from an ABC Classics CD of Rachmaninoff piano works by Sydney concert pianist Scott Davie. He chose the OVERS 225 No. 003 for making this December 2001 recording, Rachmaninoff Lilacs, at the recently rebuilt Sydney Conservatorium of Music, as part of his PhD submission.

This mp3 was converted at a sampling rate of 192 K, which is almost audio CD quality. If you listen with better sounding speakers or headphones online the quality is surprisingly good.

Scott Davie's recording of Variations on Theme of Correlli
Piano: Overs 225 no. 3 - duration 18'38

The full audio CD is available for sale at your local ABC shop from within Australia, or it can be purchased online from The following link will take you directly to Buywell's Rachmaninoff Lilacs page of their online catalogue.

To hear a Jazz recording on the Overs piano, Sydney jazz pianist and composer Mike Nock recorded a CD with his trio on an Overs 225 piano.
The following mp3 of Mike's composition, Acceptance, can be heard at;

The Mike Nock Trio recording of Mike Nock's composition Acceptance
Piano: Overs 225 no. 3 - duration 7'04
The performers are; Mike Nock - piano, Brett Hirst - acoustic bass, Toby Hall - drums.

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