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Anzac bridge, looking west from Ultimo, Sydney
(evening - returning home after tuning in the city)

The glebe island bridge, looking west.

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Our workshop is situated approximately mid way between Sydney CBD and Parramatta CBD, and approximately 600 metres due east of Bicentennial Park.


339 Concord Rd, Concord W, NSW 2138
       Phone  (local)        02    9736 2332
Fax (international)  61  2   9743 6563
         Fax (local)     02   9743 6563



UBD :   Map 233 (E 1), or Map 213 (E 16)

Gregory's :    Map 144 (A 11)

Sydway :    Map 274 (N 9)

Nearest cross St; Victoria Ave. (not Victoria Rd)

By train from the Sydney CBD

Catch the fast train to Concord West station from Town Hall station platform 2, or from Central station platform 18 (check the overhead indicator boards on the platform, to ensure that you board the correct train). The trip to Concord West takes approximately 15 minutes. From the Concord West station pedestrian bridge, walk east along Victoria Avenue until you reach Concord Road (350 metres) at the traffic lights ('T' intersection). You will see our workshop on the opposite (eastern) side of the road, two shops north of the intersection.

By train from south of Sydney

Travel to Central Station, then to Concord West (as above).

By train from north of Sydney

Travel to Strathfield station, then catch a train to Concord West (as above). Alternatively, from the north exit of Strathfield station, take a No. 458 or 461 bus (the 'Ryde Shops' bus)* as far as Victoria Ave, Concord West.
* Check the destination sign on the front of the bus as well as the route number, as these buses also travel to Burwood Station and the city.

By car

From the Sydney CBD or Parramatta CBD, Concord West can by reached via Victoria Road to Ryde, or Parramatta Road to North Strathfield.

From Ryde, Church St runs directly into Concord Road and from there, through to our workshop.

From North Strathfield, Concord Road runs directly to our workshop.

By bus from the airport

Catch the Airport Express bus from the Domestic or International terminal to Burwood Station. From Burwood Station, catch a train to Concord West, or a No. 458 bus (the Ryde shops bus) as far as Victoria Ave., Concord West.

If travelling by taxi from the airport - the tariff will cost between AUD $25.00 to $35.00, depending on traffic conditions.

If you have any comments of suggestions, please email us at; office@overspianos.com.au

339 Concord Rd, Concord W, NSW 2138
Fax (international)  61  2   9743 6563
       Fax (local)     02   9743 6563

First published, 11 December 1998
Revised, 17 February 1999
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