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The new Overs action is the most efficient grand piano action of its type in the world (with approximately half the friction of any other roller action you would care to compare it to). Give your production grand pianos a serious performance advantage in the increasingly competetive and shringing world market. Manufacturers, don't sit on your hands for another hundred years. Test an Overs action against the standard action you're using now. No matter which brand of roller action you currently use, even if it is your own, the Overs action will easily out perform it.

The Overs 225 piano no. 5 has been in service at Sydney Conservatorium of Music's East Recital Hall for four years now. This instrument is in constant use, and is being chosen as the instrument of preference by many of the students and staff at the Con. The Overs action which is fitted to this piano is clearly demonstrating the advantage of reduced wear, and the resultant better regulation stability, when compared to other instruments in the Conservatorium which are equipped with standard contemporary actions. The let-off and other critical regulation parameters are proving to be very much more stable with the Overs action.

Please email inquiries to Chris Casaar, at Overs Pianos, Sydney Australia.

Overs Action